5 Jobs You Can Have With a Law Degree

David SchwingerIf you are a student who is thinking about going to law school to become a lawyer, you should be aware of the many options that law degrees open up for employment. A law degree will not only prepare you for a future in law, but it will prepare you for a variety of other job opportunities that you may also want to consider, especially since the job market for lawyers is extremely competitive. Here are five jobs you can obtain with a degree in law other than becoming a lawyer:

First, as you may have noticed, many politicians (including Bill Clinton and Barack Obama) who have a degree in law but pursued a career in government and politics. So, if you’ve ever had a yearn to dive into the world of politics, this is a great option for you.

Next, there are many ways for you to get involved with finance and banking. According to an article published by Forbes Magazine:

“There are certain fields where a law degree certainly couldn’t hurt such as estates, tax and small business. Even if you don’t want to practice law in the finance sector and prefer to deal with the money, having one can help since finance does require legal knowledge,” (Nine Jobs You Can Do With a Law Degree).

Especially if you have a knack for numbers, using your legal knowledge can be extremely beneficial when it comes to obtaining a career in finance.

Third, journalism or writing is another great career option for those who have law degrees. Not only can you publish books and articles pertaining to law, but if you went to law school, you probably have better writing skills than most people, since writing effectively and clearly is one of the most important aspects of being a lawyer.David Schwinger

Though you do not need a degree to become an entrepreneur, the work ethic and habits that you formed in law school have set you up to do anything you want as a business leader. According to Forbes Magazine:

“Of course you don’t need a degree to be an entrepreneur but Jacqueline Dinsmore went from working as a corporate lawyer for one of the largest firms in Canada and then as the Assistant General Counsel for the Toronto Star to founding Luvali Convertibles. Dinsmore credits her degree for helping her understand and negotiate contracts related to her business,” (Nine Jobs You Can Do With a Law Degree).

So put your education to the test and try starting a company stemming from one of your passions – you’ll be surprised how articulate and organized you really are after law school.

Finally, you should think about getting involved with as an advocate for public interest. With this career choice, you can use the overwhelming amount of knowledge you gained throughout law school in order to influence policy decisions.

At the end of the day, you should do what appeals to you most with your law degree. There are many options for you to pursue a career in something you feel passionate for, but always take the time to think about what it really is that you want to do.