Essential Tips For All Lawyers

David Schwinger DCBeing a successful lawyer does not come easy. You have to know how to be independent and carry-out strong business practices throughout your career in law, regardless of what stage you are currently in. In order to keep both your fellow colleagues motivated, clients satisfied, and practice powerful, follow these essential tips:

First, you should consider running your law practice like any other successful business. According to an article published by, a website dedicated to best practices for lawyers:

“You are a service-provider and clients should always get great service from anyone who answers the phone, sends a package, emails an opinion, or duplicates documents. Every member of your firm should be trained to service the client and it’s imperative the firm’s leaders and partners embody this attitude as an example to all,” (Van Dyke, 50 Essential Business Tips for Every Lawyer).

Everyone who is affiliated with your firm should be well-educated in law, and the should have strong client-communication skills. Even if the legal situation is rough, clients who speak with employees that are helpful, smart, and have clear communication throughout their interactions with clients are the most beneficial for any firm.

That being said, another great piece of advice for all lawyers is to surround yourself with the lawyers who keep you on your feet in a positive way. If you are in a position to hire employees to work at a firm, make sure they are highly motivated and bright so that they can shine throughout their career with you. Your law firm should have ongoing training programs for all employees, no matter how long they’ve been working with you. In addition, you should always make sure that the firm recognizes great work and rewards those who show they can do their job exceptionally well. Always reward great employees – you don’t want to lose them!

Furthermore, you should always strive to motivate and empower your team. According to, “Every member of your firm can make an important contribution to the firm and its clients. Ensure each person understands his or her role and has the authority to fulfill that responsibility, plus a little bit more,” (Van Dyke, 50 Essential Business Tips for Every Lawyer).

Last, be kind and keep moving forward. People who you work with will always remember how you made them feel, even if the outcome of your case didn’t go as planned. Be a good listener and be understanding to what both clients and fellow employees may need from you. In addition, always keep the practice moving, especially if people seem to be stuck in a rut. Always ask questions like, “What should we do next?” and make affirmative statements like, “Let’s get going!” this way, everyone who surrounds you will feed off of your positive, enforcing energy so that daily tasks can be kept up with and even made in advanced.

Nobody ever said being a lawyer was easy, but there are ways that you can make a difference in your law firm and act as a supporting figure that everyone can look up to. Having passion and showing people you care are what make a lawyer great.